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The origins of the Humanitarian Association of Women "Duga" can be traced back to the first days of war when a group of women from a wide range of professions, organized humanitarian relief aid for refugees, especially women and children, in an attempt to alleviate the trauma of war.

With the guiding principle that safety and security is a basic human need, these women became the founding members of the first non-profit, independent, non-governmental organisation with humanitarianism as its primary goal. Its first, and continuing mission, was to help people in need to overcome their current problems to allow them to raise their quality of life.

Post-war trauma and the huge economic cost of the conflict has resulted in large numbers of citizens living in a permanent state of insecurity, unemployment and poverty.
“Duga” has adapted and adjusted its programmes and enriched the content of their work in response to the changing needs of this vulnerable group. The central ethos remains the empowerment of women and their families both spiritually and economically by giving them skills they can apply to work, learning and socialising. “Duga” works with women of all nationalities who face challenging issues such as women who were victims of war (wounded, raped, bereaved, displaced), those who are unemployed or are trying to return to work, those with reduced capacity for work, victims of domestic abuse, single mothers, those coming from large, poor families and others in need. We provide these women with vocational programmes designed to rehabilitate, educate and give psychological support. Through these programmes “Duga” assists in strengthening the mental health of women and equips them for economic recovery.

Only in the first 10 years of our existence “Duga” helped around 130,000 people. Our efforts have been recognised by the city of Banja Luka who, in 2011 awarded “Duga” a Plaque for Humanity. “Duga” continues to work tirelessly to continue its humanitarian efforts, as can be seen from our annual reports.

“Duga” is entirely supported through voluntary contributions and humanitarian work of its members. It is those members who must be thanked for keeping “Duga” alive and ensuring it is an authentic, strong and successful humanitarian organisation.